About the current COVID-19 outbreak

The safety and health of our team, associates and customers is of our utmost concern. Effective immediately, we have implemented some rules and guidelines, which include: 

  • No physical contact is acceptable at this time. This includes handshakes.
  • When preparing an estimate, our sales team will visit the site only if required, and usually will not directly meet with the customer, unless absolutely necessary.
  • The customer can also designate where and how to pickup, mail or perform an online payment.

Our work environment

  • No physical contact is acceptable at this time. This includes handshakes.
  • Most of our employees already tele-work from multiple locations. We are working on improving our phone switchboard system capabilities. Please understand that this could lead to a slower response/callback times.
  • We are taking additional steps on our office and making sure we have a sanitized environment.
  • Our company is continuously monitoring the evolving situation and making adjustments as required.

A more complete set of rules and recommendations is being prepared and will be announced on our website and social media channels.

We will continue monitoring any relevant announcements and update our policies as required.

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